Technology Roadmap

Process StepItemsCurrent
Laminate/Prepreg Max. Panel Size 21" x 25"
Max. Board Thickness 3.2 mm
Inner Layer Min. Line Width/Space 3/3 mil
Max Copper Thickness 6 OZ
Lamination Max Layer Count 24L
Layer to Layer Registration +/- 4 mil
Drilling Min. Mechanical Drill Size 0.2 mm
NPTH Hole Diameter +/- 2 mil
PTH Hole Diameter +/- 2 mil
Plating Aspect Ratio 10:1
Outer Layer Line Width/Space 3/3 mil
Max. Copper Thickness 8 OZ
Solder Mask Min S/M Dam Width 3 mil
Via Plugging Yes
HDI HDI 1+ N + 1 Yes
HDI 1 + 1 + N + 1 + 1 Yes
Min. Laser Drill Size 4 mil
Warp & Twist Warp & Twist 0.5%
Impedance Impedance Control Tolerance +/- 10 %
Aluminum Based PCB Single Side PCB Yes
Double Side PCB Yes
4 Layers PCB Yes

Major Material Suppliers List

MaterialManufacturerCountry of origin
Laminate/Prepreg Iteq Taiwan
Shengyi China
EMC Taiwan
Uniplus Taiwan
Rogers USA
Bergquist usa
Solder Mask Taiyo Japan
Rongda China
Lead Free HAL Nihon Superior(Sn/Cu/Ni) Japan
PTH Chemical Leadhigh China
Pattern Plating Dow USA
Immersion Tin Atotech Germany
Immersion Silver MacDermind USA
Immersion Gold Leadhigh China
Plating Gold Umicore Germany
OSP(Entek) Enthone USA