• Our first PCB shop had been established since 1995 and is part of Elco group since June 2017.
    World Mastery is a Hong Kong based PCB manufacturing company.
    Leading in PCB technology, produce wide range of PCB products to satisfy electronic customers’ need.
    ISO9001, ISO14001, IATF16949 , OHSAS18001 are all Certified and UL Listed.
    IPC member, HKPCA member and CPCA member.
    600 employees.
    Single Side, Double Sided and Multi-layer (up to max. 24 layers).
    Modern production plants with sophisticated facility and equipment for HDI,high layer count multi-layer,high frequency and impedance control PCBs.
    Our objective is outstanding performance, superior product quality and on-time delivery.
    Concerning on win-win partnership, we provide value-added service, technical support and consignment stock arrangement for our valued customers.
  • Build up a mutual beneficial partnership with our valuable customers
  • Provide value-added service to our customer to ease the electronic assembly
  • Effective and efficient management to obtain continuous cost reduction assembly
  • Efficient logistic and expedite system to monitor the on-time delivery
  • Effective quality assurance system to ensure the quality of outgoing products
  • Continuous research and develop program to strengthen our position of technology in PCB Manufacturing
  • Mass production of 4 Layers Aluminum based PCB
    Mass production of Via In Pad (VIP) project
    Sample and trial run of modular PCB
    Sample run of back drill board
    Sample and trial run of copper fill hole project
    Sample run of Copper Based PCB
  • With continuous improvements, we take quality as first priority, schedule on-time delivery, providing excellent value-added service and attractive price to satisfy our customers’ demands.
    Meet REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction and Chemicals) regulation (EC) no. 1907/2006
    Label WM’s lead free logo.